Sunday, 20 October 2013

Toronto Snow Show Haul :: Ready for Snow Season 2013!

Hello Everyone!

So today was the last day for the Toronto Snow Show at the International Centre Hall in Mississauga. The sale started on Thursday, October 17 and ended today (Sunday, October 20th). Unfortunately, I couldn't make it on the 17th-19th so I had no choice but to go today.

I had my reservations going since it was a $17 admission fee (though this is cost is off set by a buy 1 get 1 lift ticket coupon at various resorts) and I was also worried that there wouldn't be any stock left on the final day. 

I wanted to go to the Snow Show and pick up a pair of white snow pants for ~$100 and a  white/mint POC helmet (preferably with the little cap or something similar) for less than $60. If there were any nice jackets at around $100 I would get one as well - but I just purchased a jacket for $110 from Sportschek (though still able to return for full refund).

Surprisingly there was a lot of stock left - though unfortunately the cheap deals had limited sizes left. For example, I saw a pair of mint coloured DC pants for $29.99 - but was an XL. Same thing happened for a pair of white Roxy snow pants for $50 - but was an L. I also saw a few yellow Pro-Tec and grey, black, and red Red helmets for $39.99. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the appearance of these and they all lacked the little 'cap' I was looking for.

I went to Harry's ( stall and picked up these Billabong White Snowpants. I liked these cause they were a crisp white, slim around the knees, and quite warm (so all I have to wear is a pair of leggings underneath). These were a little over my budget at $115.50 - but I liked these much more than the pair of Burtons at another stall for $89.99 (and they were too big), and a pair of Spyders that I saw for $99.99 (but were really big and puffy). I also purchased the Billabong pair cause the sales associate at Harry's was really sweet. However, I was dismayed when I went home to find that they were regular $130 - as I was hoping to get a better deal - but I do really like the pants and the little hook feature on the bottom so that the pants won't rise while boarding.

I wasn't planning to get a new pair of goggles, but I saw these cute mint pair of $30 (reg $60) and decided I couldn't go wrong with them. I got these at the Surf Paradise stall. These Scott Dana Goggles are a little on the smaller end, but as long as they cover my eyes and don't fog up (fingers crossed) I'll be happy. I saw a lot of Electric Goggles, and the sales associate tried to sell them to me ($169 + 50% off = $85; gave me $75) - but at this point I just wanted goggles for anesthetics so opted not to get them (although they were nicer). Later, found the 1/2 Off Goggles Stall which had a bunch of nicer big goggles for ~$60; so I was glad I opted for my mint pair.

I also purchased my helmet from Harry's. I opted for this Black/Neon Green Pro-Tec Riot helmet for $55 (half off). I found it more comfortable than the Bern, but more "bubbly". Personally, I liked the look of the Bern Baker (below) in Black ($90) but for the $35 price I chose the Pro-Tec.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful for any folks planning to go next year. If anything don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below and I'll respond as quick as I can (even if this happens to be in later years).

Thanks for reading!
elle xx

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