Friday, 28 February 2014

Cravings :: Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Chèvre Leather City

Hello Everyone!

Perhaps its Instagram or Tumblr's fault that my taste in things have increasingly more expensive over the last 2 years. While this is good since it makes me prioritize my purchases and become more financially conscious of my impulse and food purchases, it is terrible for my wallet. 

However, the good thing for me is that I recently got a raise at one of my jobs and I got a another job back in November, so hopefully my wishlist credentials will become a reality much quicker.

Anyways, I've never been a huge fan of Balenciaga when it became super popular a couple years ago, but this particular collection (seasonal = probably won't be able to get it by the time I save up for it *sigh*) as caught my eye due to the fact that it has more edgy hardware and is made with chévre (goatskin) leather (one of the more "softer" leathers). It also meets my standard handbag credential to have the choice of handles or cross body/shoulder strap.

Here's what's still available on the Balenciaga website (the mini version).

The regular "City" size looks more like this (and more expensive - $2,280).

Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City

It also came in a bordeaux/wine colour.

What do you think? Black or wine? Personally, I like the black but I feel like I have too many black bags and I should expand my bag colour repertoire. However, blacks are less worrisome and the signs of wear and denim colour transfer are less apparent.

Thanks for reading!
elle xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Surprise Gift :: Valentine Package from Australia!

Hello Everyone!

I am extremely ecstatic at the moment! I was not expecting anything in the mail (actually, no I am expecting a study guide for my chemistry class in the mail) and got a wonderful surprise from my friends in Australia. Thank you guys! It totally made my day.

The package included a card and various Australia exclusive goods that included: 2 bags of gummies from The Natural Confectionery, a jar of Vegemite, 2 different flavours of Tim Tam, a koala, and a business card holder.

I'm so happy!!!!
elle xx