Saturday, 21 December 2013

New in my Jewel Box :: Chanel 2014 Earrings

Hello Everyone!

When I went to the opening of Chanel at Yorkdale Mall I stumbled across these earrings. Due to the price tag, I decided I should sleep on the decision to purchase them (though I realized I didn't have much time since they were a seasonal pair of earrings). Slept on it and decided that I was going to purchase them.

I absolutely adored the filigree finishing on these earrings and couldn't let them go since they are a part of the seasonal collection which makes them unique and unlikely to reappear in the future. They also had a matching brooch (surprisingly for the same price) and necklace which I really loved but the brooch is impractical for me and the necklace was a little disproportioned by the large pearl in my opinion. All three also came in a nude option opposed to the black.

Anyways, here they are!

Edit: Since purchasing these in December, Chanel has made them part of the permanent collection.


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elle xx

Saturday, 14 December 2013

New in My Closet :: Magenta Madness Sale Haul - Burberry Trench Coat

The Magenta Madness Sale was pretty crazy at Yorkdale's Holt Renfrew last night! I originally wanted to go to see if the Alexander Wang Rockie was 50% off, but it turns out that Marc by Marc Jacobs and Burberry (amongst other things too) were on sale!

I went to line up to get a MbMJ Fran, but by the time I was able to get into the leased store, they were sold out :(

But the shopping trip was also a success! I've told myself when I graduate and can afford a Burberry trench coat, I would get one (since they are $1k+!). But it turns out that the Burberry RTW was surprisingly 50% off (which never happens)!!! So I was able to get my hands on it with the money I saved up for my MbMJ Fran! Hopefully, the burgundy/wine coloured Fran will stick around for awhile as it's still a bag on my wishlist. I was the first ones to apparently recognize the Burberry sale (since the Burberry sale starts for 1 hour at 10pm; I grabbed them and put it on hold / suspended purchase at 9pm)... after people saw me get it they were gone like crazy. I managed to help my mom buy one for herself and my dad too - so the whole family matches! :D Anyways, this probably means I should return my Club Monaco Trench I scored from Black Friday.

Edit: I found out later that Burberry went on sale since Burberry is no longer being sold by Holt Renfrew. Burberry has become a leased brand within the company. This means that Burberry rents out their own store within Holts and is responsible for sales and all things associated with it. Holts no longer has control over their merchandise though leased companies can opt to participate in a company wide sale.

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elle xx