Saturday, 11 February 2012

Haul :: First JewelMint Purchases!

Hi Everyone!

So today, I would like to share with you my very first JewelMint purchases! It was a bogo event, so I didn't see why not! Unfortunately, if you live in Canada, you have to pay for shipping (even for free jewelry TT^TT). The customer service when you are able to reach them through their live chat option is extremely helpful. However, if you try to contact them through email, they don't normally reply. I ordered my pieces on Feb 1 and I received them on Feb 8. I don't think I'd order from JewelMint again in the future unless I find something I absolutely adore and can't live without because I don't think its worth it for Canadians to pay $30 for a piece of jewellery and pay another $10 for shipping. However, I do think their quality is quite good - but I've heard its hit or miss (so I might have been lucky). Perhaps if the shipping was free to Canada I'd purchase more.

So here are the beauties :) Unfortunately, my iPhone 4 is broken and my camera is at my parents house so I apologize for the lack of quality from my iPhone 3GS (the macro setting and quality is not as good as the first two).

Mint Green Packaging - Secured by a magnetic closure and elastic ribbon.

The piece that catalyzed my purchase - my favourite "Remember Versailles Earrings". Absolutely gorgeous!

Cute casual earring! Well made and plated with sterling silver - "Forever Audrey Earrings"

There some other pieces I really adore, such as the Web Ring, Golden Goose, Silver Swan, or the Mon Amour Bracelets, but they were not available when I decided to make my first purchase. If they do come in stock, I'd definitely would wait for a coupon code - which is quite often - just subscribe to their email or google for them! I would not purchase these products for full price!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions regarding the pieces, feel free to leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading! Lots of love,
elle xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blog :: Winterlicious at The Fifth Grill & Terrace

Hello Everyone!

For those of you who live in Toronto, you probably heard of the infamous fine dining event called Winterlicious (also known as Summerlicious in the summer). For those of you whom the term is new, it's basically a period of time, twice a year, where fine dining restaurants typically have a slow business flow - but are counteracting the slow business by luring in customers with a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner! I would say 95% off the top restaurants in the GTA take part in this event, allowing for everyone to try dishes that would normally cost them way more! Prices go up to $15-$25 for lunch and $35-$45 for dinner. It is typical that the prix fixe menu includes a minimum of three dishes, appetizer entree and dessert, however some restaurants may include more.

This week, my friends and I went to the Fifth Gril & Terrace. It's a small upscale restaurant that is located on the rooftop of an old warehouse in the heart of downtown Toronto that is a perfect fusion of French and classic steakhouse cuisine. It's only accessible by a private lift which is also ornately decorated to add to that extra exclusivity factor.

Below is actually a nightclub (called the Fifth) but I've never attended a party there - but my friend is there as I type my blog! I am anxiously awaiting to hear the juicy stories she has to tell!

Anyways, my friend & I got ready at my flat and managed to take our traditional typical crazy silly girly pictures prior to meeting up with the boys. Unfortunately, my fringe was rebelling against me - in preparation for "next time" can anyone tell me how they fix their bangs when it won't behave? It would be much appreciated!


{ Outfit  :: Top, Le Fou. Skirt, Garage. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Earrings, Tarina Tarantino. Lips, Scan-delicious by MAC}

And here's some photos at the restaurant!

Unfortunately, we didn't take anymore pictures, which is atypical of my shutterbug nature, but I didn't want to seem so "touristy" in such a posh place! However, if you are curious to see what we ate stay tuned on my food blog!

Thanks for reading!!!
elle xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Media Event :: SHOP MAC Launch Party

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope all has been well for you guys! Anyways, I have an event that some of you guys would be interested in reading about!

Helen was invited to the SHOP MAC Launch Party last night. I attended the event with her and here are some photos I took with my phone at the event! :)

Snapshot of the invitation and promotional items!

The invitation included a free promotional item! Dishwashing gloves, sponges, and bags were available! They were handed out by a model who was styled to look like the campaign models and tons of snacks were cycled out!

Lets not forget the most important part of the party! The products!!!

Product Displays - It was difficult to get a picture of the stands with all the products on it!

I was the most interested in the two lipsticks: Runway Red and Quick Sizzle. Note that those who loved Innocence, Beware! from the Disney Villians line, it's back for a limited time in this collection! Runway Red is a typical satin red and the closest dupe I could find of it from the permanent line is Brave Red, which was in a different finish. Quick Sizzle is a matte fuchsia and the closest dupe I could find of it was Girl About Town, which was also a different finish (Amplified). I also was interested in the Scandalicious lipgloss - which is pretty much a liquid lipstick that was a mix between Runway Red and Quick Sizzle. Below is a comparison swatch of the two lipsticks.

L-R: GBO, Quick Sizzle, Runway Red, Brave Red

Aside from the lipsticks, I was also interested in the Fluidlines and the Tendertones (yes they are Tendertones! :O). I didn't purchase them because technically I put myself on a "makeup-ban/buy less make up"... but that didn't fare well by the end of this event... :p None of the Fluidlines are pure black, but extremely wearable for everyday and the Tendertones I would highly recommend for anyone who's looking for a lipbalm with a little tint of colour :)

My haul from the event! { Runway Red, Scandalicious, Gloves }

I got one lipstick, Runway Red, and one liquid lipstick, Scandalicious! I was on the fence about Quick Sizzle and I was debating if I would prefer Girl About Town or Quick Sizzle so I opted not to purchase it during the pre-launch period. I also got a free blinged up dishwashing gloves that are way too cute to be used :p!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful in terms of reference for my favourite 2 lipsticks from this collection!

elle xx

PS: I just found out that American Eagle collaborated with Deux Lux and Sam Edelman! You should check out these collections for designers for less ;)
PPS: I also started to revisit my food blog - check it out here!
PPPS: Stay tuned for an upcoming blog sale! I have items from the Versace x H&M line and more!