Saturday, 11 February 2012

Haul :: First JewelMint Purchases!

Hi Everyone!

So today, I would like to share with you my very first JewelMint purchases! It was a bogo event, so I didn't see why not! Unfortunately, if you live in Canada, you have to pay for shipping (even for free jewelry TT^TT). The customer service when you are able to reach them through their live chat option is extremely helpful. However, if you try to contact them through email, they don't normally reply. I ordered my pieces on Feb 1 and I received them on Feb 8. I don't think I'd order from JewelMint again in the future unless I find something I absolutely adore and can't live without because I don't think its worth it for Canadians to pay $30 for a piece of jewellery and pay another $10 for shipping. However, I do think their quality is quite good - but I've heard its hit or miss (so I might have been lucky). Perhaps if the shipping was free to Canada I'd purchase more.

So here are the beauties :) Unfortunately, my iPhone 4 is broken and my camera is at my parents house so I apologize for the lack of quality from my iPhone 3GS (the macro setting and quality is not as good as the first two).

Mint Green Packaging - Secured by a magnetic closure and elastic ribbon.

The piece that catalyzed my purchase - my favourite "Remember Versailles Earrings". Absolutely gorgeous!

Cute casual earring! Well made and plated with sterling silver - "Forever Audrey Earrings"

There some other pieces I really adore, such as the Web Ring, Golden Goose, Silver Swan, or the Mon Amour Bracelets, but they were not available when I decided to make my first purchase. If they do come in stock, I'd definitely would wait for a coupon code - which is quite often - just subscribe to their email or google for them! I would not purchase these products for full price!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions regarding the pieces, feel free to leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading! Lots of love,
elle xx

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  1. aww love!! jewelmint just sent me these two pieces for free i LOVE LOVE them!!


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