Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New In My Closet :: Chanel CC Logo Pave Studs

Hello Everyone!

Today, I have something really exciting to show you! I'm sure many girls dream of Chanel and one day owning a piece of Chanel's legacy.

Recently I purchased myself a pair of Chanel Earrings at a great price point that is "relatively" affordable if you save up for your very own pair. Costume jewelry from Chanel is extremely overpriced and earrings usually range from $250 - $500 on the low end of the spectrum. Simple bracelets range from $300 - $500 and necklaces are similarly priced. The more costume like pieces are more expensive though.

After seeing 2 of my friends purchase these earrings I decided to check them out at my local Chanel Boutique and was pleasantly surprised when I found that these earrings are the most affordable Chanel CC Logo Studs I have come across at $195. They are also a great value for Chanel as these studs are large (covering the entire lobe) and are encrusted with rhinestones.

When I first found the earrings I decided to think about it before purchasing it. When I finally decided to pull the trigger - they were out of stock! These earrings are constantly being shipped in and sold out due to their price point. I had to go in to the Chanel Boutique weekly for 1 and a half months before I was able to take these home. :)

The Infamous Chanel Black Box
Model Number - Z2371
Tag that comes on the earrings
The Beautiful Earrings!
Chanel CC Logo Pave Studs!

I hope this post was informative in getting you slightly acquainted Chanel jewelry and hopefully you will be able to one day own a pair!
elle xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Italian Haul :: My Shopping in Italy!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been living in my own place (where there is no internet) so I didn't get a chance to post my haul from Italy! Anyways, I went pretty crazy in Italy since the VAT refund (and the built in tax in Europe - we should have this in Canada) gave me a 12% discount and that luxury brands in Europe (especially Italian labels) are cheaper in Europe since they don't need to ship and pay customs to bring goods to Canada.

Anyways here it goes!

Carpisa (Italian Suitcase/Travel Items Franchisee) Traveling Jewelry Wrap

Lauro Alessandrini Blue Leather Tote - The closest I can get to a Prada BN1844 Bluette Tote in terms of price

My First Arty Ovale Ring! I'm so sad that YSL is now being rebranded.
I hope they don't remove the Belle du Jour Clutch or the YSL Tributes from future collections!
Tally Weijl Rubber Cobalt Blue Watch - I'm obsessed with this colour!

Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf in Hot Pink
Purchased at The Mall Outlet for $100!

Prada Wallet - 1M0668 in Cobalto (Current Season!) - Purchased from SPACE
Prada/Miu Miu Official Outlet for $150

Thank you all for reading! :)
elle xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Travel :: Photo Diary from Rome!

Hello there!

So recently I went on a business trip with my father - and it was to Rome! The business trip lasted for 3 days, but we extended our trip 4 more days and visited Florence and Milan as well (since we flew all the way there!) Unfortunately the entire time we were there, it was raining - with brief periods of sunshine! Nonetheless, it was a very fun - but fast paced trip! And as always, I took pictures!!!

Anyways, here are a selection of pictures from the first city we visited - Rome! Most of the sight seeing was done in a night and one day since majority of the time we were meeting with fellow colleges. Rome is a very small city which can be walked from one side to the other in an hour or so. So within a span of 24 hours we were able to see majority of the top sights in Rome!

Rome is an amazing city. The juxtaposition with history and modern architecture is intriguing! You can literally have a brand new (relatively new to Italians - old for Americans!) building right next to something that's over a thousand years old! The city is super busy and chaotic too - very much different than the brand of city we are accustomed to in New York City or Toronto. All the cars are much smaller - a characteristic of Europe - and the drivers in Italy are crazy! They park wherever they please (literally I've seen cars parked in the middle of the sidewalk!) and never heed to traffic markings. I think at one point I saw 3 cars driving down a 1 lane road!

The Scalinata (Spanish Steps) & Trinta del Monti - Where majority of the upscale shopping in Rome is located.

The infamous Fontana di Trevi - It was historically built at the cross section between 3 aquifers but now is a popular tourist location due to the Coin Legend! If you throw 1 coin into the fountain you promise a return trip to Rome. If you throw 2 coins you are promised to find love. If you throw 3 coins - you're destined to be married! At time I was unsure of how the coin legend worked and unknowingly mimicked someone throwing 3 coins in! Hahahaha.

Real Italian Pizza - I find the pizza crust in Italy is a lot thinner and harder to cut (especially in Rome, opposed to other cities) than American pizza. But you can taste the wholeness of the ingredients used in the pizza - and no after taste (probably due to the lack of genetically modified organisms and pesticide use in Europe).

Pasta!!! Good old pasta. It was delicious! It is traditional to have two entrees in Italy - one being a pasta plate and the other being meat or something of the sort. I had pasta everyday for every meal for the entire week! I'm pasta-ed out! 

Gelato! You can't go to Italy and not have gelato! The gelato in Italy is very creamy and flavourful. It's not very icy like the gelato I've had back home. There's pretty much a gelato store wherever you go in Italy and it's relatively cheap - 2 Euros per cone with two flavours!

Entrance in to St. Peter's Basilica. 

Larger view of St. Peter's.

The doors into the church! It's an amazing church with amazing history. You should definitely go in with a tour guide so they can point out all the historical value of everything inside. Going by yourself, you're going to miss out on a whole new experience!

Arc di Triomphe. The original one that the one in Paris is modelled after.

The Coliseum! It's amazing to think after so many years of history it still remains!

The inside of the Coliseum! You can see all the mazes and cells underneath the main stage. The main stage was made out of wood so the original no longer exist. However, a modern interpretation of the wooden floor has been built so you have an idea how it works. 

Piazza de Navona! It's really beautiful square where all the artists of Rome cluster to sell and show off their art!

Original paintings for sale in Piazza de Navona.

The site of where Julius Caesar was betrayed. Amazing that it's here right? It's so fascinating since something so old remains yet a whole new city has been built around it! Unfortunately, I was told by one of the locals that it is no longer recognized by local Romans as the site of Caesar's final moments, but instead as the stray cats hotel. All the stray cats in Rome live here! They are also cared for here. I saw 4 within the few minutes I was looking at the site.

Rome's City Square! Isn't it breathtaking! It's huge! The local's nicknamed the city center the "Wedding Cake" case it looks like one!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Lots of love,
elle xx

PS: Stay tuned for more pictures from Florence, Milan, and my Italian Haul! :p

Friday, 1 June 2012

Shopping :: Current Bag Wishlist

Hi Everyone!

Long time no post - and with good reason! I just got back from my trip to Italy! I visited Rome - on business - and then took two side trips to Florence and Milan! I also managed to travel to the infamous SPACE outlet, which is the official Italian outlet for Prada and Miu Miu! Unfortunately, I was silly to pass up on two Miu Miu bags that cost 390 euros (thinking at the time it was expensive without doing research on Miu Miu prices) to find out later that they were in stores for 900+!!! I am definitely kicking myself and if any one of my dear readers ever hit up SPACE and is willing to help a poor girl out with lack-of-shopping remorse please message me - I will actually pay you! Hahaha but anyways this has got me wanting a new purse for everyday since I retired my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier (after being in daily use for approximately 2 years) approximately 3 weeks ago.

So I am on the hunt for a new everyday bag! I haven't found anything yet that fits my requirements/liking as well as my budget.

Here are some bags that are on my bag wishlist - although they may not be very "everyday" like nor within my budget hahaha...

This one I saw in Italy for 1100 euros, which translates to ~$1400 CAN which costs $1700+CAN in Canada... This particular bag I was looking at since January and I still lust for it. I also went to Prada in Italy 5 times to look at it, yet I didn't buy it cause I felt guilty cause I'm not making as much as I used to... but in hindsight I kind of wish I bought it cause I would have got 12% VAT tax refund on the 1100 euros making it ~$800 cheaper than if I were to buy it in Canada. I absolutely love the colour... and I know after this season this colour is no longer going to be produced... :(
Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote

I never really liked this Louis Vuitton "Alma" style in Monogrammed Leather, but once I saw these colours in Epi Leather I made the exception to put them on my wishlist. Though these bags are quite steep in terms of price - steeper than the Prada bag! Thus, they will only remain on my dream wishlist and not my save-super-duper-hard-skip-meals-work-extra-off-jobs-and-put-more-hours-in-at-work wishlist.

LV Amande Electric Alma
LV Indigo Alma
  This was the bag I was going to buy in SPACE for 390 euros and then stopped... for what reasons I have no idea. I was crazy! :( *the one that got away* Though the one I was going to purchase was more blue-grey in colour. - Does anyone know if this is at the Prada Outlet in NYC Woodbury?
Miu Miu Mini Bow Satchel
I've been looking at this bag for awhile (and now it is on sale on but I'm still on the fence whether or not the bag will look good with outfits cause I find the shape slightly bulky...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fran
I love the leather (I am in love with saffiano leather...) and the colour of this bag, but this tote was just too big for my liking, though I just stopped by Holts today and they just released a smaller one (but was unable to find the stock photo).

Michael Kors Large Lacquer Pink Saffiano Tote

I'm also crazy addicted in love with things with studs - hence it should come as no surprise that I am lusting after Alexander Wang's Rocco Bag! Though this is a lot of money and I'm worried that my obsession (literally obsession) with spikes and skulls may dissipate, my logical self is telling me I shouldn't buy it/wish for it.

Alexander Wang Rocco

I also adore Chloe's Paraty bag!!! I think it's pretty cute and perfect with the short and long straps! Super functional and cute!!! It also kind of looks like a nose to me though @___@ but hahaha nonetheless cute!

Chloe Mini Paraty Bag

Lastly, I saw this bag in the sales table at Holts today - It normally retails for $1195 and is on sale for $699... I put it on hold and left the store. The sales associate even called me back at store closing to see if I'd claim it but I missed the call. I know tomorrow morning it is going to be put back on the table since I didn't purchase it and it's a sales item but I can't get over the $700+tax price, especially without doing my research (which is also why I didn't buy any purses at SPACE - stupid stupid stupid - next time I go - NO THINKING !!! ><) I talked to one of my friends and she said I should buy it (LOL what an enabler - that's my job!) and if I change my mind I should sell it. Normally, I'd ask my mom if she thinks its a good idea, but I just recently came back from Italy (with the respective haul to match - but with no designer purses X___X) so I know her answer... What do you guys think? There's a 24 hour full refund policy... It's more pricy than Marc by Marc Jacobs since it's from Marc Jacobs' higher end label Marc Jacobs. PS: I love the colour too >_<''

Marc Jacobs Small Fulton

Oh! And of course what bag wishlist would this be without the infamous Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap? A girl can dream! LOL my mom always says - with taste like yours, how do expect to find a boy who's going to even get near you? (My answer is always - I'll just work harder!!! Who needs boys??? - I have yet to think of a witty come back.)

Chanel Jumbo Flap in Caviar Leather
With love,
elle xx