Sunday, 24 June 2012

Italian Haul :: My Shopping in Italy!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been living in my own place (where there is no internet) so I didn't get a chance to post my haul from Italy! Anyways, I went pretty crazy in Italy since the VAT refund (and the built in tax in Europe - we should have this in Canada) gave me a 12% discount and that luxury brands in Europe (especially Italian labels) are cheaper in Europe since they don't need to ship and pay customs to bring goods to Canada.

Anyways here it goes!

Carpisa (Italian Suitcase/Travel Items Franchisee) Traveling Jewelry Wrap

Lauro Alessandrini Blue Leather Tote - The closest I can get to a Prada BN1844 Bluette Tote in terms of price

My First Arty Ovale Ring! I'm so sad that YSL is now being rebranded.
I hope they don't remove the Belle du Jour Clutch or the YSL Tributes from future collections!
Tally Weijl Rubber Cobalt Blue Watch - I'm obsessed with this colour!

Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf in Hot Pink
Purchased at The Mall Outlet for $100!

Prada Wallet - 1M0668 in Cobalto (Current Season!) - Purchased from SPACE
Prada/Miu Miu Official Outlet for $150

Thank you all for reading! :)
elle xx


  1. ahhh your travel jewelry wrap is SOOO cute!! i love that!!

    and your YSL arty ring is so pretty... i don't often see the silver color one!!! i know what you mean about YSL.. it's just weird.. how they're taking away the YVES part of the name.. hello.. their entire brand is built around the Y!!?!?! what are they thinking!

    1. thank you!!! i'm still in denial about the YSL rebranding!!! If i had the money I would go out and buy all the Y branded stuff!!! i don't know how this rebranding is going to work in YSL's favour but hopefully they come out with lotsa new stuff that ppl will love more! but i'm still in the "what are they thinking?!" camp :p

  2. wow looks like you had a lot of fun! I love the blue prada wallet!

    btw check out my blog hop :) thx!

    1. thank you!!! :) sure thing i'll stop by!


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