Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New In My Closet :: Chanel CC Logo Pave Studs

Hello Everyone!

Today, I have something really exciting to show you! I'm sure many girls dream of Chanel and one day owning a piece of Chanel's legacy.

Recently I purchased myself a pair of Chanel Earrings at a great price point that is "relatively" affordable if you save up for your very own pair. Costume jewelry from Chanel is extremely overpriced and earrings usually range from $250 - $500 on the low end of the spectrum. Simple bracelets range from $300 - $500 and necklaces are similarly priced. The more costume like pieces are more expensive though.

After seeing 2 of my friends purchase these earrings I decided to check them out at my local Chanel Boutique and was pleasantly surprised when I found that these earrings are the most affordable Chanel CC Logo Studs I have come across at $195. They are also a great value for Chanel as these studs are large (covering the entire lobe) and are encrusted with rhinestones.

When I first found the earrings I decided to think about it before purchasing it. When I finally decided to pull the trigger - they were out of stock! These earrings are constantly being shipped in and sold out due to their price point. I had to go in to the Chanel Boutique weekly for 1 and a half months before I was able to take these home. :)

The Infamous Chanel Black Box
Model Number - Z2371
Tag that comes on the earrings
The Beautiful Earrings!
Chanel CC Logo Pave Studs!

I hope this post was informative in getting you slightly acquainted Chanel jewelry and hopefully you will be able to one day own a pair!
elle xx


  1. I've been looking for a pair of lower priced chanel studs too. These ones are so lovely.. I think I'll have to hunt for a pair myself too. :) Love!

    1. oh dear sorry i didn't see your comment! but i saw your instagram and it seems like you found a pair :)

  2. Do you happen to know the price of these earrings as of right now? I can't seem to find it anywhere! I live in Mississauga :P

    1. hello! these earrings have unfortunately gone up in price. last time i've saw them i believe they are $240 now (however i can be incorrect). try calling your closest chanel :) i only know of the ones at bloor but i know there's one opening up in yorkdale soon! you can also call and tell them to call you when they are in stock


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