Monday, 13 June 2011

What's in My Purse?

It's believed that a woman's bag sheds light in her personality and life. Let's take a little peek into mine!

Marc by Marc Jacob Dr. Q Mini Hillier bag sure carries a lot!

I know I carry way too much in my purse, but I always hope to be prepared for something than to be under prepared (which reminds me... what happened to my mini umbrella!?). There is usually a reason something is in my purse... most often times its just sitting in there making me work out my arms ~~ hahahaha! Anyways, here's a grand list of what's in my purse according to the above photo and the reason why...@_______@''

  1. iPhone 4 - For talking to my friends, gps, internet, music; I'm not one of those individuals who would be in trouble if I lost my phone, although I'm quite dependent on it, but I feel that it's essential (especially for girls) to carry a cell phone in case of an emergency events
  2. Patent leather hot pink Coach wallet - To hold all my money, id, discount cards, coupons, bubble tea cards ^-^
  3. Anna Sui large mirror - So I can look at myself. LOL. XD
  4. Bath & Body Works antibacterial gel - I'm a huge germaphobe. 
  5. Puma pouch - I think its unattractive for girls to chuck their girly things in their purse without anything in case you have a little intruder >W<'' but also its very convenient and not embarrassing to hand over to a friend if they were ever to need a little girly help! Also its more convenient sometimes when you are going to washroom to just carry this and have a poor little guy friend hold you purse so the washroom germs don't get on your purse! ^3^
  6. Purse holder - Sometimes its unsafe for your purse to be left on a back of a chair, or there is simply no place to put your purse in a restaurant - Also much more sanitary! ^___^
  7. Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter - I always find my skin is very dry... moisturize moisturize!
  8. La Mer Hand Treatment - I have eczema on my hands so I need something a little more bam to make my hands better #____#
  9. Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office - Super handy! It has a pencil, ballpoint blue pen, black felt tip pen, and a highlighter. Just in case you ever need to write something down! *O*
  10. Avene Hydrance Optimale spf 25 Hydrating Cream for Sensitive Skin - Sun protection is very important! (Though I'm usually too lazy to put it on) >A<''
  11. Coach patent coin purse - For my coins and subway tokens ~_~
  12. samy mini hairspray - My version of pepper spray! since in some countries pepper spray or mace is illegal, hairspray is not! Like I said before, it's important for girls who find themselves walking home late at night after classes or work to protect themselves. Also doubles up in aid if you find yourself in a hair crisis! ^w^
  13. Hair tie - Cause my long hair sometimes gets annoying XD
  14. Camera case + camera - I am a total shutter bug. Pictures of everything! food. people. places. cute things. silly things. the works. I am a keen believer that there is no such thing as too much pictures. 
  15. Puffs tissues - Just in case :P
  16. Forever 21 sunglasses - Sun protection for your eyes! plus they are stylish ^-^
  17. TNA makeup case - A girl's magic bag; Usually over flowing with various lip products
  18. Keys - Other than the obvious... Again with safety, I also have an energizer safety fob on it. if I feel I'm in danger its sometimes easier to pull the tab off and have the key chain emit a siren noise than to scream for help. Or you can do both ^-^. It also doubles up as a flashlight! my cupcake key fob is from Coach. (Anyone noticed my awesome blingy heart key? Love it! My dad bought it for me and my mum ^-^)
  19. iPhone headphones - Gotta get my groove onn!
So, after reading my list you probably can tell what my priorities are: safety, sanitation, health, and convenience

Here's a close up of my keys so you can see how the Energizer safety fob looks like if you ever wish to purchase your own.

Safety first!

So I hope you enjoyed my What's in My Purse and that I gave you some tips on how to protect yourself with a few multifunctional items in your purse!

With love,
elle xx