Saturday, 21 December 2013

New in my Jewel Box :: Chanel 2014 Earrings

Hello Everyone!

When I went to the opening of Chanel at Yorkdale Mall I stumbled across these earrings. Due to the price tag, I decided I should sleep on the decision to purchase them (though I realized I didn't have much time since they were a seasonal pair of earrings). Slept on it and decided that I was going to purchase them.

I absolutely adored the filigree finishing on these earrings and couldn't let them go since they are a part of the seasonal collection which makes them unique and unlikely to reappear in the future. They also had a matching brooch (surprisingly for the same price) and necklace which I really loved but the brooch is impractical for me and the necklace was a little disproportioned by the large pearl in my opinion. All three also came in a nude option opposed to the black.

Anyways, here they are!

Edit: Since purchasing these in December, Chanel has made them part of the permanent collection.


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