Friday, 18 October 2013

New in My Jewellery Box :: Autumn 2013 Chanel Earrings

Hello Everyone!

So about a month ago, I finally decided to pull the trigger on these Chanel Autumn 2013 Earrings. I absolutely adore Chanel earrings and one day hope to amass a collection of them! In my opinion, Chanel is the most timeless brand on the market today, as such making such their jewellery pieces worth the investment - especially since designer jewellery is most likely not made out of semiprecious metals or stones. Every season Chanel comes out with a collection of earrings that will only be around for that season - so when I see a pair I really like that is under the $300 threshold I start to seriously debate if they are worthy of my investment (they also have a permanent collection they have - but I've noticed the price increase $50 for the same pair of earrings over the last year or two). These particular Chanel earrings cost $260 CAD + tax. These are the first to make the cut for myself as they fulfilled the following requirements (1) silver - as that is my personal preference over gold (2) the iconic Chanel camellia, (3) relatively small, dainty, and timeless, and (4) studs.

My next wishlist are the following pieces:


Anyways thanks for reading!
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