Friday, 4 October 2013

New in my Vanity :: Bobbi Brown To Go 500 Point Perk

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good day! I saw my friend got this perk and I immediately went to my local Sephora to pick it up (since it s no longer available online anymore). I picked up the Bobbi Brown To Go Palette for 500 points at Sephora. Now, I think some of the point perks are not worth the points, but recently Sephora has been upping their game! I also wanted to pick up the YSL Bracelet for 500 points but I don't have that many points. I am contemplating spending 100 points on a deluxe sample of Benetint though! Half a year ago I also managed to get my favourite lipstick, Dior Lipstick in Lucky, for 100 points. So good job Sephora! Keep it up!

However, without further a do here's the newest 500 Point Perk! I hope this finds those who are contemplating getting it in time to help you make a decision on to spend or not to spend those 500 precious points! (Those points aren't cheap you know!)

This is my first Bobbi Brown product. I've always wanted to try her gel liner - but at the moment I've been using felt tip eyeliner pens and contemplating trying cake liner before I head back to gel liner. The palette combination is perfect for me - I use a lot of neutral colours and really bright blushes (unfortunately my picture was unable to capture the pink). My to go blush is Her Blooming Cheeks by MAC which is a hot pink shade. The downside is that the eyeshadows are really small. It's great for travelling but the shadows are really really small. You will probably use up the eyeshadows within a month or two if used consistently.

Overall the eyeshadows are good quality, however, you can purchase better quality eyeshadows from MAC or even some drug store brands. I personally prefer my NAKED palette over this.

Anyways! Hope this helps! 
elle xx

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