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Cravings :: Louis Vuitton Indian Rose Collection

Hello Everyone!

In the past, I never was particularly interested in Louis Vuitton other than for its Neverfull GM (the huge tote bag) and the iconic Speedy 25. However, recently they released a collection of monogrammed patent ("vernis") leather in a hot fuchsia called "Indian Rose". Since this collection has come out early this spring/summer, I've been constantly looking at it!

I was debating of getting one of the smaller items, like the Zippy Coin Wallet, Cosmetic Pouch or the Cles Key Pouch (above) such that I can have my very own piece of the collection, but the price is really hard for me to swallow. The Zippy Coin Wallet is $500 and the Cles is $370! Likewise, I was really drawn to this collection because of the Alma BB pictured below.

It was inspired when I was looking at the Instagram of HRH Collection! She makes the bag look so cute. Sigh... why does this bag have to be so expensive!

Aside from the price, considering my student lifestyle, a bag in monogrammed bright patent leather may call into question my financial status. I really like this bag, but I also think that the monogramming is quite ostentatious? But I guess for $1,550, you probably want to most ostentatious bag so you have more bang for your buck (like a pair of Christian Louboutins vs Jimmy Choos - you want the red lacquered sole to show for the amount you paid!). Additionally, I come from a middle-class society, so people around me would most likely recognize the logo but also question my finances for it? Additionally, I also feel its slightly disrespectful to be flashing a pricy bag when others around you can't really afford various necessities or swimming in debt (though that is their problem). Likewise, I wouldn't wear this in a workplace as it is too flashy. So what is the practicality of the bag for me (despite the handles and the crossbody meets my physical handbag credentials)? The other question is how long would I enjoy this bag for? Is this just a phase or something I really really really love? Do I really want to spend a month's worth of rent on a bag that I'm only going to love for a short time?

Anyways, inspite of all my worries, I've also found another bag I really love in the same colour! The Monceau BB.

I also really like this bag! In addition, there are photos online of Miranda Kerr wearing it and it looks really good on her! (Plus it doesn't hurt that Miranda Kerr is one of my fashion icons/celebrity girl crushes)

And the Elle September 2013 feature on Miranda Kerr's closet shows it lounging comfortably in her shoe closet.

And the promotional pictures from Louis Vuitton makes it look very classy dressed up - which means it has the ability to be dressed up or down!

I like this just as much as the Alma BB because the patent leather isn't monogrammed so it isn't quite as ostentatious. But the fact it isn't monogrammed and is smooth patent leather means that fingerprints and scratches are more visible. Lastly it is $1,7300 - $180 more than the Alma BB.

Plus for the same amount of money, I can put this money towards my "Chanel Flap Fund" (where, if I would like to buy it before I turn 25, I need to save $200/month to account for prince increase and taxes by the time I'm able to purchase it -- I'm a little behind on this since I don't save $200/month just for my Chanel bag) or another bag from another designer that is more practical for my lifestyle, like Marc Jacobs (cheaper and less questionable), Prada (more timeless) or the Paraty Bag from Chloe (not well known, no logos).

Anyways, what do you guys think? I'm just trying to write down my thought processes here to see if it's really worth saving up for. It's also a seasonal colour so I don't know how long its going to be in stock for or when it's going to be discontinued since I'm not familiar with Louis Vuitton sales patterns (ie: Chanel season items are snapped up literally within an hour, well not quite but within the day).

Thanks for reading!
elle xx

PS: Wrong colour but I just saw Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook also has the Monceau BB but in Rose Velours! I really like Wendy as a fashion icon as her style tends to be very iconic and timeless. She really thinks about her purchases in the long picture (though recently she's been going more trendy but generally quite timeless).

PPS: I really dislike the Louis Vuitton website! It's really slow and it takes forever to find what you are looking for! >:(

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