Sunday, 8 September 2013

Haul :: Mac Warehouse Sale - September 2013

I must say, although my binge warehouse sale shopping has gone down quite a bit (part maturity, part unnecessary; less fast fashion - save up for more worthy fashion investment pieces), the once highly coveted MAC Warehouse Sale is quite a drab. 

My dearest readers, I would not recommend you buying tickets from your sources unless you know that you will be buying and that the savings are worthwhile. Save the $10 to put towards a lipstick from MAC's current collection. The two following reasons are why I recommend you not to go to the sale.

- Not a lot of selection! What used to be multiple tables of eyeshadows are now limited to warehouse sale items that haven't been sold out by the previous warehouse sale. This also applies to blushes, compacts, and lip products. At most there are now 2-3 tables with ~8-10 products on each of them. I also found that the skincare selection has been shrinking as well. Foundations, mascaras, and concealers still have a decent selection. However, if you know that you absolutely need multiple bottles of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Sand - go for it. For $12 a bottle (retail ~$40+) those are savings worthy of the ticket & gas money.

- Lots of "cheap" & "useless" items! What they do have a lot of in the MAC warehouse are those Clinique makeup pouches from the gift with purchases and the holiday gift tins (the tartan collection from 2 years back if anyone knows of it). Note these are just the pouches and tins themselves - sans the makeup. They are pretty cheap ($1-4), but for that price, you can get a much cuter one at Forever 21 or wait for your own gift with purchase makeup bags.

Aside from that, I was able to pick up 2 angled brushes by EYESBYDESIGN. It was a buy one get one free special. One brush was $8; thus an average price of $4.

I am also disappointed to report that the MAC Warehouse no longer gives out gifts! And for those who were wondering - the charity bag is very similar to the last warehouse - the same 2 duo shadows and same price ($5) - but a different eyeliner pencil/lip gloss (i didn't study the box too well but the box was a shiny brown opposed to the traditional MAC black packaging).

Thanks for reading!
elle xx

PS: For those who are wondering, my mother obtains these tickets from work!

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