Thursday, 20 June 2013

New in My Closet :: Aritzia Pre-Sale Haul

Hello Everyone! 

So the pre-sale for Aritzia's VIP customers started two days ago! However, I didn't receive the email so I thought I wasn't on the list. Since I am normally on the list, I went in store and asked them to check my file! I was indeed on the list but never got the email - so if you are normally on the list and did not receive an email this year ask in store! Unfortunately the system is weird, as my friend Memie bought 2 Mackage jackets and still was not on the list even though she was on the list last year. It's weird. For those who are familiar with the pre-sale, the discount sare the same as always and are stackable on top of previous purchases. This year, scented candles were given as the gift opposed to towels. I picked up the Rose & Spring candles - but I wish I picked up Fig now. Perhaps since I used my gifts in the Artitzia & TNA store, I will redeem my gift at Wilfred for the Fig. Anyways, thus far I only picked up two tops. First one is the skull top in XS/S- I have been eying it since it came out but I know there's always sales at Aritzia and waited. It's normally $25 - plus 20% off. The second top is Talula in XXS which is on sale for $30 plus 20% off. Yay! 

Happy Shopping Aritizia Fans & Thanks for Reading,
elle xx


  1. Hey elle!

    Someone is using your pics on okcupid. Just a headsup!

    1. oh wow! thanks for the heads up! this is really shocking! D: can't believe it!

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  3. I love the Aritzia tank that you grabbed from the sale! How are you liking the candles? You're lucky you got two because they only gave me one :( And I grabbed like 8 items lol.


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