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Haul :: Lisa's Cosmetics Spring 2012 Warehouse Sale + Mini Reviews

Hello Everyone!

So all my Canadian readers who live in proximity to the Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale may be familiar with this sale. However, after not attending this sale for awhile, I decided to peek in quickly with my friend, F, to check out if they had anything new a couple days ago.

The regular stuff hasn't changed at all:
- They still sell full sized perfumes at a discount. Some popular fragrances brands that I saw at the sale included DKNY, YSL, Gucci, CK, Burberry, Escada, Chloe, Nina Ricci, etc
- They still sell designer sunglasses: Ray Bans (all $130), Fendi, Juicy, etc
- They still sell Elizabeth Arden, Smashbox, Marcelle, and Annabelle Cosmetics - I no longer see Red Earth Cosmetics here (probably due to the fact lead was found in their products)

However, something new that I saw at the sale was that they now have ~H2O+ products! Super happy since my mother is a religious user of this product! They had mostly anti-aging products by the time I got there (I went there on the 4th day of sales) but I still saw some of the Face Oasis products.

Anyways, here's my haul :: (And no iPhone 4 Instagram Pictures :O! [Instagram: bambistyle] I was graciously gifted with a Nikon J1 camera and I'm testing it out :P)

My haul from Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale ::
H2O+ Face Oasis Shine Neutralizing Gel & TiVOLi Magnetic Nail Polish

So I picked up the following:
- 2x ~H2O+ Face Oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel ($20.00)
- 1 TiVOLi Magnetic Nail Polish in Talia (~$2)  [It is a deep navy colour]
- Caramilk Fruits & Nuts Mega Chocolate Bar (~$4) [Not pictured]

I picked up the ~H2O+ Face Oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel (right) by accident since I was so excited that a $48 product was on sale for $20. I'm not sure what the Face Oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel is supposed to do but I read online that it is for more oily skin consumers, which does not apply to me. I have extremely dry skin. Note that the packaging is the older packaging, so I don't know how long the product has sitting around.

I actually wanted to purchase the h2O+ Oil-Free Marine Hydration Hydrating Gel (left) which I have used previously. I prefer the texture of this gel for a daily moisturizer since it isn't heavy. I've used it when I was in elementary school briefly and ceased to use it shortly after. I have never indulged myself in skincare, nor would I consider myself a skincare user. However, since graduating from my 3rd year of university, I've noticed that my skin is not longer as robust as it used to be and I decided it was about time for me to take care of my skin again. I do not use any foundation or concealer nor do I use any skincare products (with the exception of Clinique Toner when I have the occasional zit) - I actually just wash my face daily with a washcloth and water. I don't (unfortunately) even use sunscreen on a daily basis *gasp*. However, I'm attempting to change my lifestyle for the better as previously mentioned in my pior post regarding my exercise habits and decided to pick up a moisturizer for myself and my mother. (And I picked up a Shiseido Sunscreen!). Note: I did not get the Hydrating Gel from Lisa's Cosmetics, however, when I visited my local h2O+ store, they allowed me to exchange my Shine-Neutralizing Gel for the Hydrating Gel which is the same price. I now have to return with my mother's tub and exchange it for the Hydrating Gel. I would highly recommend this product as a moisturizer based on my way ancient and current experiences with this product. The packaging on left is the new packaging and logo.

Lastly, I purchased the TiVOLi Magnetic Nail Polish. I was so excited about this product!!! Especially when Sephora and the drugstore sells a similar product for ~$12. I was greatly disappointed! The magnetic feature of the nail polish did not work and just looked like regular dark navy nail polish. In addition, there was a horrible pseudo-toxic (I don't know if it is toxic fumes), metallic smell. I'll try it one more time on a piece of paper, but I would not recommend this product at all. [Edit: I tried the nail polish again on a piece of paper - it works only when you hold the magnet to a wet nail polish for longer than 10 seconds - then you will get a very faint magnetic pattern. The pattern is not very distinct, but visible. ]

I hope this post was informative and as always, thanks for reading!
elle xx


  1. the tivoli magnetic nail polish works fine if you line up the magnet to the joint closest to your nail and aim down from there. it's also important to hold it above the nail for at least 20 seconds. hopefully that helps cuz i use those techniques and the effects work fine for me!

    1. Hi anngee! Thank you for your response! The first time I used it, I waited for ~5 seconds and I guess waited too long so it tried a bit before I tried again. I tried it again for 10 seconds and it worked a little better. Thanks for the tip! Next time I want magnetic nails I'll hold the magnet for longer!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the post! Do you know when it this warehouse sale till? I actually live so close to it but I never bother checking it out!

    1. pretty much every weekend until may 14th :) go to for exact dates and times :) hope this helps!!

    2. Thanks! btw dunno if you use shiseido their warehouse sale is this weekend. Almost 1/2 price but crazy line up!

    3. lol i will be there! i'm there for the NARS products :)


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