Saturday, 7 January 2012

OOTD :: Green Plaid

Hello Everyone!

First OOTD of the year! Today, I was just hanging out with some friends. We watched Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (highly recommend it!) and ate dinner.

So here's what I wore today!

Now I understand why lighting is so important for OOTD photos! The lighting in the succession of photos I took weren't all the same so it didn't look as seamless as I would have liked!

{ Outfit }
Plaid Shirt :: Hollister & Co
Decorative Tank :: Abercrombie & Fitch
Super Skinny Jeans :: Hollister & Co
Belt :: H&M
Shoes :: Coach
Purse :: Louis Vuitton

I hope you liked it!!!

Thanks for reading! (And WOW! 48 followers?! I'm so flattered!!!!)
elle xx


  1. Ehh! I love those earrings xD I'm a sucker for Chanel (even if it's not real :P)


  2. love it!


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