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Review :: NARS Holiday Limited Edition Danmari Blush Palette - Close Up Look

Hello Everyone!!!

So for everyone that's not up to date with the beauty-sphere in the blog-o-sphere, Sephora is having their annual Friends & Family 20% off sale to individuals who qualify for their VIB! Anyways, since my mum and I share the same Beauty Insider card it's quite easy for us to remain on the VIB list! I live a block away - a 10 minute walk - from a Sephora (terrible...) so I jumped at the chance to get one of the items I've been keeping my eye on! I also picked up a couple of mascaras and foundations for my mum ^-^.

Anyways - to the star of the show! The NARS Danmari Blush Palette! It retails for $70CAD. The price may seem steep, but the price is a deal considering the palette consists of the six most popular NARS blushes, including the infamous Orgasm! I got the 20% discount on top of that so after doing some math it works out to be $10.53 per blush after tax which is AWESOME ($9.33 before tax). It's truly something for people who wear blushes or makes a amazing gift! I only have one NARS blush (Deep Throat) and it wasn't featured in this palette... so score! Do note that the blushes are 75% of the original size, however I'm not the one to finish a blush or any eyeshadow so I don't really mind. However for those of you who are blush munchers, keep this in mind that you will not be getting a full sized product! BUT. All I gotta say is you have to get yourself one if you don't already own these colours and want to try them out. Maybe even get one for a friend... or your pet! Or my turtle (she actually has red spots on her cheeks so I guess she doesn't need it...)!

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition product as it was released with the NARS Holiday Gift Sets. So if you want this product... its time to pounce! I expect this product to be extremely popular especially at the F&F Sale going on at Sephora now! Being the enabler I am, I say buy it now and return it later so you don't regret it!

On to the part everyone cares about the most! Pictures!

The Holiday Gift Set Packaging present on all the NARS gift sets! Very sleek!!!

What you see when you first open the box

NARS Blush Heaven!!!

Better look at the blushes without the NARS plastic

Close up of the blush glory!
(L-R; T-B: Hungry Heart Duo II, Orgasm, Desire, Casino, Super Orgasm, Sin)

Back with the names of the blushes. (Does anyone notice how all of the
blushes except one is made in Canada? *Canadian Pride* :P)

I'll post swatches once I use it (does anyone delay using their new makeup products just to bask in the glory of a new product or am I just weird @___@''?).

I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoy having this palette!!! *does a happy dance*

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Loooove NARS! I have an insane NARS collection. :P

    I'm on a makeup ban, but those blushes are tempting. I have Orgasm and the highlighter and bronzer, so I certainly don't need more. Looking forward to the swatches.

  2. I need that blush, it's not even funny. I don't know where to buy NARS in Australia. A friend bought me Orgasm from the states but I dropped it and it's smashed :(

  3. that palette is such a great deal!!! enjoy playing arnd w all the shades!! XD

  4. I've seen this palette on nearly every blog!! =) haha I wish I purchased that at the time. I had no idea most of the blushes were from Canada! Awesome, even though I've never been there :P

  5. @xoxoCat : i know the feeling of a ban. i put myself on an unofficial ban for the longest time but i had to break it for this palette and a warehouse sale!

    @emma : I hope you get it!!!! I'm sure there are places that in australia that is similar to the american Sephora where you can purchase it! that's really unfortunate! I would be so sad!!! but i do find nars products break easily cause i smashed my fez eyeshadow just by dropping it in the washroom :( i hope you find it and let me know when you do so we can celebrate together!!!

    @ShinyPrettyThings : Thank you!!! I will!!!

    @Rainy Days & Lattes : I'm pretty sure its really popular! Especially when Jen FrmHeadToToe mentioned it on her blog (which is how I originally heard about it). I had no idea either! But with the huge amount of makeup warehouses here I'm not surprised! (ie: MAC Warehouse; and MAC also produces their makeup in Canada). U should visit one day! :)

  6. I think I just died because of buyer remorse. I stopped myself from getting this even though I had... more than 1 chance. AARRRGGH! What a great deal!!

  7. @Steph: Awww :( don't worry! What I learned that buyer's remorse is terrible and makes you overbuy the next chance you get. I think its better to underbuy cause then you save money for things to get in the future! I'm sure you can still get your hands on this at Even Holts has it! If no luck... there's plenty of other gorgeous palettes coming out in the future :)


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