Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Review :: Sephora's 500 Point Dior Bracelet & Dior Addicted 2 Life Perk

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I hope everyone is having a good week. My week is particularly busy so this post will be quick :)
Today in my e-mail inbox I got a notice to pick up the Dior Charm Bracelet and Addicted 2 Life Deluxe Fragrance Sample for 500 points at Sephora. Now, I think some of the point perks are not worth the points, this included, but it is one of Sephora's better perks. The other perks I recall that I thought were somewhat (not not really) worth the 500 points was the time they gave out the full sized Benefit Coralista and a sample size of the Bad Gal Lash set and the Benefit Eyeshadow Palette. I got the Coralista, but I didn't get the Benefit Eyeshadow Palette unfortunately cause at the time I was convinced not to get it.

However, without further a do here's the newest 500 Point Perk! I hope this finds those who are contemplating getting it in time to help you make a decision on to spend or not to spend those 500 precious points! (Those points aren't cheap you know!)

And here's a closer look at the bracelet on both sides of all the charms:

I don't think its a bad product for its "price" considering it is an authentic piece of Dior jewelery - but that's subjective. I am the type of person who is more willing to spend more for jewelery that being said. However, from my experience, premier designer jewelery is always marked up at least 300%.

However, if you are to look at this from a purely financial stand point, ignoring the fact that it is Dior branded, I don't really think its worth it. If you think of the Hello Kitty 100 Points Deluxe Fragrance Sample and deduct 100 points off the price of 500 points for this set to account for the fragrance (which is generous), this makes the bracelet 400 points. That means you have to spend $400 in Sephora to get the bracelet. Considering a pair of earrings from a contemporary designer brand such as Marc by Marc Jacobs is approximately $55 and your hoping that the points are giving you a "10% discount" from regular items then $40 should be the estimated value of the bracelet. Now that I own this bracelet... I don't really think its worth $40 (Probably $10 being generous, but like I said before there is an upmarket of at least 300%), but its definitely better quality than Forever 21 Jewelery. It does have a nice slight weight to it and the silver plating of whatever material is made out of is smooth. I have yet to wear this bracelet out yet so I can't talk in terms of wear (and how the material alloy reacts with water) and how the toggle clasp is (as I know some toggle clasp bracelets are terrible including high end ones like Tiffany & Co). I would assume its fine since the toggle is quite thick in comparison to the ring and to be safe I would keep the bracelet away from any source of moisture or water. I hope my "financial" analysis/critique makes sense.

But all in all, the item is more or less "free" with your purchase of beauty goods at Sephora - which is better than nothing at all.

I hope this helps any individuals on the fence to decide. I do advise you to pick it up quickly cause point perks tend to run out within a day or two (like that one time I decided not to get the Hello Kitty 100 Point Perfume Deluxe Sample and couldn't get it the next day =w='').

And to be super honest... I just saw the e-mail blast and ran to my local Sephora to get this without thought like any crazy girl would do over pretty stuff. Hahahaha. It's almost equivalent to my friend lining up 12+ hours to get his hands on the H&M x Versace line. But to be fair he was one of the first people in line and got everything he wanted... and in hindsight I was silly not to ask him to help me pick up a ring or something that was $20 which would have a much higher resell value on eBay had I decided not to keep it.

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  1. i saw this in my email today too! i was hoping that it'd be more makeup related. it looks cute though. thanks for the indepth analysis on the "worth" of the bracelet lol never really thought of it that way!

  2. Wow! I'm actually really impressed. This is the first time Sephora's had such a nice reward gift. Thanks for the review.


  3. I was about to get this but I'm just going to save my points now. Thank you so much for this post.

  4. lovely <3
    Do you want to follow each other maybe?
    BTW Giveaway on my blog,check it out :)

  5. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for an arty-oval style ring if you'd like to check it out. :)

  6. i just received mine today, and i absolutely love it. it's quite weighty, and it looks very similar to my tiffany charm bracelet. i have enough makeup and a ton of sample perfume bottles, so i'm delighted!

  7. The one thing I had about most high-end designer beauty gift is that they all say BEAUTY! Ugh that really annoys me. It kind of like "Yes it is a Dior/Chanel/YSL/etc. product-- but we want to make sure everyone knows you got this as a gift. Lol


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