Friday, 13 May 2011

Haul :: Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse

Once every season, a Lisa's Cosmetics opens up and allows the public to browse and purchase items. Lisa's Cosmetics typically carries large selection of perfume and colognes and ranges from low end brands such has Adidas to designer brands such as Gucci, Burberry, etc. Fragrances are discounted and range from $10+. Aside from fragrance, Lisa's Cosmetics also carries shower soap, hair care products, nail polish + nail care, chocolate, hair dye, no-name bags, and designer sunglasses. For more information regarding Lisa's Cosmetics please follow the link to their site.

I visited the warehouse last weekend and bought quite a bit of items. Lines are typically quite long, however since I live in such close proximity I usually can just walk in the last 10-25 minutes.

This time I bought the following items (from top left and clockwise):
1. Vera Wang Limited Edition Flower Princess 100mL - $55
2. Escada Limited Edition Pacific Paradise 100mL - $55
3. Osis+ Flatliner Form - $7.99
4. Aveeno Positively Smooth
5. Dove Volume Therapy Shampoo + Conditioner
6. Schwarzkopf Essencity Restoring Shampoo - $7.99
7. Smashbox Limited Edition Masquerade Baked Fusion Lights
8. Smashbox Lip & Cheek Tint

I apologize I do not remember all the price since some of the items my mum helped pick out for me and the price tags are usually placed on the items (except for fragrances). I would guess the Aveeno would most likely cost $5 and the Dove would cost $4 each. Both Smashbox products I believe were around $8.

I haven't tried all these products yet, however I have tried both fragrances, the Aveeno cream, and the "cleaning" hair products.

Vera Wang Flower Princess - As the name suggests, this perfume is floral, but it isn't overly flowery - the scent is similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy in terms of the scent's strength. Although there are some floral notes, this fragrance is very 'fresh' smelling.

Escada Pacific Paradise - Very typical of Escada's limited edition fragrances. If you like their other perfumes, you will like this one. Very fruity smelling - easy to wear.

Aveeno Positively Smooth - I only used this once, but it just seems like any other Aveeno cream, nothing seems different although this cream does promises to thin hair so then you don't have to shave as often.

Shampoos - Typical. Nothing amazing. Both shampoos were more of a clear watery gel opposed to a cream. I didn't really care for how the Schwarzkopf Essensity Shampoo's scent. However, I purchased these hair products cause my hair was drying out and required some restoration.

Hope this was a quick run down of some of the products and that it helped slightly in terms of my first impressions of these products.

elle x

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